Anden State – Hope EP

Anden State - Hope

Anden State – Hope EP

Seeing a Pulsar promo is always a nice surprise, partly because of the music included, and partly because of the EP covers that accompany the releases. Seriously, these guys have some of the nicest artworks of any label out there. That however, is a discussion for another time. Let’s see what’s inside their first 2015 release.

Original Mix

It’s very easy to just criticize something you don’t like, but it’s entirely harder to focus on the positives. As you might’ve figured out from the way I began this paragraph, Aden State‘s original mix of Hope is not entirely my cup of tea. I say not entirely because I find the breakdown quite enjoyable and the ‘drop’ (a term I’m not very comfortable attributing to a trance production) is decent, but something seems amiss to me.

I’m sure there are people out there who will like it, but it’s not for me. The remix on the flip side however, is an entirely different story.

Neutronix Remix

On remix duties there’s Neutronix from Pulsar’s native Serbia, a producer who has taken Hope and given it, as the release blurb puts it “that defining analog trance feel”. Deep melodic layers, a prominent rolling baseline and a punchier, fuller kick structure have completely transformed the track into an 8 minute blast from the past. The heavily reverbed snares in the breakdown were a pleasant surprise and contrasted nicely with the more energetic parts, giving the track an almost downtempo feel. Combine that with the crystal clear piano melody and really airy pads and you’ve got a winner. Really like this rework.

For fans of the original and remix alike, Anden State‘s Hope EP is out January 12th. Check out the samples and see what you think. 🙂

RELEASE DATE: 12.01.2015

Country: Serbia / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2015 / Label: Pulsar Recordings

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you liked it. 😀


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