[Look Back] 2014 Top 20

VS2014Top20v2.5No matter how you slice it, 2014 has been a great year for the trance scene in general, with the rise to popularity of tech and uplifting combinations and their more underground counterparts, prog-psy combos. A year filled with surprises such as the long-awaited return of Man With No Name, a new album from Astral Projection, the brand new visual treatment for Borderline Music and many, many others. It has truly been a brilliant year to be a trance fan / listener. Which made the choices below all that harder.

Amazing productions left and right, but in my view, the one that topped them all is, without a shadow of doubt:


01. Activa – Antimatter [Perfecto Fluoro] | TRACK OF THE YEAR

Back in April, I called it a “90s track in 2014 disguise” because of its lush melody and effortless progression that was reminiscent of the old-school tracks from the turn of the century. This is a classy return to form and the track that has raked the most replays from me over the year. Far from being loud, or aggressive, Antimatter manages to capture that superbly addictive and hypnotic vibe of the classics, while employing some modern touches for optimum effect.

Mind you, it’s not like I didn’t have material to choose from. Between Activa‘s remix of C.M. – Dream Universe, or of Daniel Skyver‘s TantrumJames Dymond‘s Samples Of Silk and many others, it was a hard decision to make, but his April Perfecto Fluoro release came on top.

The synth, the vocal chops, the panning FX and all the little unseen and unheard details that have gone into it, give Antimatter a subtle yet sophisticated sound, something that works both when you’re trying to relax and at peak time.

As always, the sample awaits below. 🙂

I couldn’t leave it at that, so here’s the rest of 2014’s Top 20. 🙂

02. John 00 Fleming – Healing (Simon Templar Remix) [J00F]

03. Peter Plaznik & Phil Taylor – Wide Life [Discover Dark]

04. Mac & Monday – Raysa [Borderline]

05. Solarstone & Orkidea – Slowmotion III (Orkidea Remix) [Black Hole]

06. Peetu S – Mirage [Perfecto Fluoro]

07. Orkidea – Purity (Peetu S Remix) [Pure Trance]

08. Cold Blue – Fortitude [Monster Pure]

09. Indecent Noise – Daybreak [Mental Asylum]

10. Elxis & Chris Voro – Ultramundane Magma 2014 [Critical Overload]

11. Chris Oblivion & Astro-D – Step Beyond (Chris Oblivion Remix) [Pharmacy Music)

12. The Thrillseekers – This Is All We Have [Adjusted Music]

13. Magnus – Satin [Perfecto Fluoro]

14. Johan Ekman – Don’t Give Up [In Trance We Trust]

15. Tangle – Positron [Borderline]

16. Man With No Name – Vice Versa [Perfecto Fluoro]

17. Paul Oakenfold – Ready, Steady, Go (John Dopping Inversion) [Perfecto]

18. DeCode – Circles (Magnus Remix) [Research & Development]

19. Simon Templar – To The Stars Pt. II [Touchstone]

20. Sonic Element – Tracing Paths [Borderline]

21. Brazek & Jethimself – Dewdrops [Silk Sofa]

Well, that’s a wrap. I appreciate all the support from you guys this year, all the likes, shares, comments and all that jazz. Happy holidays to you all, have a great new year’s and see you back here January 7th. Cheers!


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