[Look Back] Producer of the Year: Magnus



We’re nearing the end with this look back series, and so it’s time for the second to last section, Producer Of The Year. A lot of people really had an absolutely amazing 2014, but none of them got my attention quite like Seattle-based Magnus. For reasons detailed below, he is my 2014 Producer Of The Year.

Near the end of 2012, after about a year since the site’s inception, I had no idea what I was doing (in many ways, still don’t), but via my now famous ability to mindlessly browse the interwebs, I landed on the original mix of Velvet. This was another first for me, since I hadn’t heard (up until then at least) such a great combination of psy and trance’s more melodic elements. What’s even more amazing is that in a scene focused on ‘for the moment’ tracks that expire in about 2 months, Velvet still sounds brand new nearly 3 years (!) since its release. That, is no small feat.

Following his remixes of What I Am and OvermindMagnus really started to pop up more and more in my searches. Then, late last year, this video was uploaded. I haven’t been left speechless many times in my life, but this was one of those moments. The complex yet very harmonious nature of what I heard was coming from this guy in 2014 was enough for me to focus my full attention on him. Best thing about this, I didn’t have to wait very long.

Back in January, alongside Thomas DattMagnus kicked off Borderline‘s brand new design approach with Binary Complex. In May, his Render One EP landed on Perfecto Fluoro‘s 50th back catalogue spot, featuring tracks like Marine GrooveSinelockSatin (which I replayed for ridiiculous amounts of time) and the title track. In June, he returned to Borderline with 2nd Born and Vermillion and nigh a month later, he came back again, this time collabing with John Dopping for Introspection, a track included on John’s debut album. To cap things off, he turned in a brilliant remix for DeCode – Circles, the first release on Research & Development Records.

In light of the impressive amount of tracks released this year, one could say ‘yeah but some of them must be terrible”. You see, that’s kind of…not true at all. I have a handful of producers I really admire and like quite a lot of tracks from them, but not everything. In Magnus’ case, I’ve liked everything he’s put out. Everything. It’s such a weird sensation, but it’s also kind of good.

At the end of the day, don’t take my word for it. Go on, see (or rather, hear) for yourself why I fully believe Magnus deserves the title of Producer Of The Year.

Oh, as usual. if you missed it, here’s the Activa remix for Magnus – Velvet. Available as a free download. 🙂

Check back tomorrow for VS’s 2014 Top 20 tracks and, of course, the Track Of The Year. 🙂


So, what do you think? :)

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