[Look Back] Watch Out For: Research & Development Records


We’re halfway through this look back thing, and it’s now the turn of the Watch Out For section. This is basically where I pick a name (be it producer, label, or whatever) that caught my eye in the past year, and that I think will be one to watch in the next 12 months. As you’ve been able to discern from the title, this one goes to John Dopping and Alan Ruddick‘s newly formed Research & Development Records. As always, more details await below.

My first encounter with John & Alan was, if I remember correctly, near the end of 2012, when I somehow got to their promotional mix for Electronic Architects. I’ve replayed the damn thing to death, and I’m pretty sure I still have a copy of it somewhere on my PC. Really enjoyed the way it flowed from one track to the other, and still remember John saying “Alan’s doing the work, because I’m too busy wasting time on voiceovers.”, a sentence which is entirely debatable, since I don’t believe there was anything wasteful about it. Coincidentally, this was also the first time I’d heard John’s remix of Flying Time, and got immediately hooked. That was probably my most replayed section of the mix.

Since that point in time, I’ve enjoyed quite a few of Alan’s Pitch Black podcasts, and John’s releases, most notably his debut album Words In Colour. With the evidence present, I was very excited to find out they were starting their own label, and even more so when I saw who was also involved. If you’re interested, click here and here for my reviews of DeCode – Circles and Chris Voro – Penumbra, respectively.

It’s clear from both the blurbs for their first two releases and the answers they gave in the recent Trancefix interview, that both John and Alan are committed to something many overlook lately: quality, above all. Life’s too short to listen to bad music.

I’m confident big things are in R&D’s future and I’m excited to see what 2015 holds. For the reasons above and many that will probably become apparent as the label’s back catalogue grows, John Dopping and Alan Ruddick‘s Research & Development Records is the name I think you should watch for in the coming year.

Below, I’ve included playlists with both R&D001 and R&D002. Enjoy. 🙂

And, in case you somehow overlooked this, here’s John & Alan’s exquisite remix of Bedrock – Heaven Scent. Available to download for free. 🙂

Check back tomorrow for the producer of the year pick. 🙂


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