[Look Back] Label of the Year: Borderline Music

2014VSLabelOfTheYearSince the year is near its end, I thought a look back was in order. First up, VS’s 2014 Label Of The Year.

Few labels can claim to have been this consistent in terms of release quality, but Activa Simon Bostock‘s Borderline Music deserves the top spot. I could end the post here, but wait, there’s more!

Back in November of last year, a video popped up on the label’s Youtube channel, revealing that it was up for a visual refresh in the very near future. As far as I could tell,  they were going for a much simpler, more straight to the point design, which I instantly took to. The visual treatment was changing, but the approach remained unchanged: releases of the highest possible quality, that were, at least in my view, pushing trance in the right direction.

The confirmation of my suspicions came in January of this year, with the release of Thomas Datt & Magnus‘ Binary Complex. Visually, it was different, but at its core, Borderline remained the name that I associated, as before, with very enjoyable tracks from some of the best producers around. Since then, the imprint has been on a roll, featuring artists such as Sonic ElementPeetu SSteve BrianTangleMac & Monday. In July it became the home of John Dopping‘s debut album Words In Colour which still gets many replays from me to this day (especially the second track, Chayote).

Like J00FMental AsylumPerfecto FluoroPulsar Recordings and many others, Borderline Music is a name I greatly respect for everything it has done for the scene. To Rob & Simon and everybody else involved, a very big thank you.

Since Vând Sunete is something I take care of in my free time, it’s encouraging to see labels like these that help me out in the search for good music, and keep me motivated to regularly update the site. I’m no authority or professional review, I’m just doing this because I like the genre and I want to do my bit to expose the great tracks that might otherwise get lost in the sea of commercial-focused media.

The first 2015 release sounds absolutely amazing yet again, but that’s a conversation for another time. For those of you who would like to browse once more through the Borderline release catalog in 2014, here’s a handy dandy playlist thing I’ve cobbled together, containing most of the tracks. See you tomorrow for the Album of the Year pick. 🙂

Oh, and in case you missed them, here are the original and Lostly mixes of Solar Movement – Echowave. Free to download. 🙂

Original Mix

Lostly Remix

As always, Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you liked it. 😀


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