Astral Projection – Goa Classics Remixed [Album]

Astral Projection - Goa Classic Remixed [Album]

Astral Projection – Goa Classics Remixed [Album]

A decade after the last album, ‘Ten’, Astral Projection presents the newest weapon in its musical arsenal, the 8 track long-player that is Goa Classics Remixed.

Remixing a classic is never an easy task, let alone remixing 8. That said, if there is anyone capable of updating them while staying true to the original vibe, it’s Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter of legendary Israeli duo Astral Projection.

Taking classics from the likes of The Infinity ProjectHallucinogenBlue Planet CorporationPranaX Dream and Electric Universe, the boys have managed to bring them into the 21st century, without any of the original stems. In other words, they’ve had to carefully recreate them bit by bit, while at the same time injecting the characteristically hypnotic AP sound into each one. The end result is a stunning interplay between the old and the new, with organically growing soundscapes and the unmistakable presence of Roland’s TB-303 underpinning the entire thing.

This album is, for trance veterans and newcomers alike, a vivid reminder of the genre’s origins and proof once more of Avi and Lior’s production prowess. If in the case of the other albums released this year I was able to pick a clear favorite, here it’s impossible. 10 years might have passed since AP’s last long-player, but the material they’ve produced here is absolutely worth the wait. Brilliant stuff.

Goa Classics Remixed is out now in its physical CD form on Psyshop and Amazon. Digital release to follow on December 15th. Have a listen.

PHYSICAL CD RELEASE: 12.12.2014    |    DIGITAL RELEASE: 15.12.2014    |  Out now on Psyshop & Amazon.

Country: Spain / Style: Goa Trance / Year:  2014 / Label: TIP Records / TIP World

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