[RWD] Tilt – Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Dub)

1999 | Hooj Choons

1999 | Hooj Choons

The ReWind series exists as merely an aid in the discovery (or rather, rediscovery) of the unintentionally forgotten, or the often overlooked tracks of yesteryear.

You can’t quite talk about about trance’s classic era without at the very least acknowledging one of the biggest imprints in the scene, UK’s Hooj Choons.

Set up in 1991 by Phil Howells and Jeremy Dickens (aka Red Jerry), Hooj migrated from sound to sound over its initial 12 year run, going from acid house, to hardstyle, progressive house and trance. Speaking of trance, the label was home to some of the genre’s biggest hits, like Nalin & Kane’s Beachball, Three Drives on A Vinyl’s Greece 2000 or Energy 52’s Cafe del Mar, to name but a few. Its back catalogue also included this week’s ReWind track.

In the spotlight this time is a production form the back catalogue of legendary British trio Tilt. Made up originally of Michael Park, Michael Wilson and John Graham (who was also behind names like Quivver and Space Manoeuvres) the group suffered many changes in membership along the years. Arguably some of its biggest hits were from the first decade of activity. Among them, the stunning Invisible.

Released initially by Hooj in 3 CD promo form, catalogue no. 73 contained a variety of mixes for Invisible, including the Randezvouz, Original Vocal, Lost Tribe Vocal, Supernatural and Supernatural Dub versions, alonside What’s This? and I Dream. From the rather hard to find 3rd promo CD, I’ve chosen the Supernatural Dub to feature in this post. It is one of the best examples of progressive trance one can ever hope to stumble upon. It has that hypnotic quality of many turn of the century trancers, with its dark atmosphere, heavy drums and mesmerizing lead synth. There is also a Supernatural Mix, which is slightly longer and features Dominique Atkins (aka Grace) on vocals. While that one’s good as well, I think trance doesn’t need vocals to induce the state that has given it its name.

Ok, enough of this. You’re here for the music, not for me. Here’s Tilt, with the Supernatural Dub of Invisible.

Country: UK / Style: Progressive Trance / Year: 1999 / Label: Hooj Choons

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ReWind will be back next Friday. 😀

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