Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn – The Human Element

Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn - The Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix)

Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn – The Human Element

After previously exploring the Human Nature with Kessler & Mazzar‘s full length artist album, Pharmacy focuses on the Human Element for its latest release.

Original Mix

Label head Christopher Lawrence and Pharmacy regular Jonathan Allyn put their heads together for the imprint’s latest showcase of the underground. From the clever use of acids, to its hypnotic baseline and brilliantly fitted vocal sample, The Human Element brings together everything that’s great about this genre, wrapping it all in a tight package, with break-neck sound delivery and a lot of attention to detail. As with every other release form this label, the flow of sound is very controlled, with effortless transitions and a rather dark atmosphere. The result is absolutely superb.

Daniel Lesden Remix

Daniel tweaks all the right knobs, offering up his psy infused reinterpretation that uses a significantly more emphasized baseline and kick structure, a longer breakdown and quickly modulated acids. Despite its heavier baseline and longer breakdown (which I like), his remix seems to be missing something. Again, I’m not saying it’s in any way bad, just that for me, personally, it appears to be lacking something. Your mileage may vary.

The EP is out Monday, December 1st, exclusively on Beatport, under Pharmacy Music. Have a listen to the samples and see what you think.

BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE: 01.12.2014    |    GENERAL RELEASE: 15.12.2014

Country: US / Style: Underground | Psy Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Pharmacy Music

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