Kessler & Mazzar – Human Nature [Artist Album]

Kessler & Mazzar - Human Nature [Artist Album]

Kessler & Mazzar – Human Nature [Artist Album]

In the 10 years since its inception, Christopher Lawrence‘s Pharmacy Music has become one of the household names in the underground trance community. This is due in large part to the fact that Pharmacy is run by people who put the music first, and not the spectacle. Its back catalogue certainly supports the mission statement, further emphasizing a continued pursuit to preserve the values associated with the genre. The latest release should shatter any niggling doubts you have in regards to the statements above.

Mexican duo Kessler & Mazzar presents its first full length artist album, dubbed Human Nature.

Marcos Sanchez (Kessler) and Claudio Cardenas (Mazzar) describe their music as “progressive trance with techno, dubstep, off-beat, and some rock” influences. This eclectic blend of styles is certainly obvious in their 10 track long player.

Looking through the marketing blurb, you stumble upon a phrase: “Every track is a winner – there’s no filler here.” It’s not often that this holds true, but there are exceptions. This is one of them.

From the break-beat influenced opening track, Tanscedence, to the slightly heavier tracks such as Mind Crime or Optimum Trajectory, the entire arsenal of sounds can be experienced, as psytrance seamlessly gets combined with sporadic rock elements, strategically placed vocal chops and FX sweeps, all anchored to the ground by the thundering baseline. I would personally have to pick the title track as my favourite of the bunch. Human Nature is ripe with powerful vocal samples, huge acid riffs and quick FX shots, all creating that often sough-after atmosphere of the classics.

A fantastic showcase of the underground side of trance, Kessler & Mazzar‘s Human Nature album is out now, on Beatport. Have a listen via the playlist below.

Out now, on Beatport.

Country: US / Style: Prog-Psy Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Pharmacy Music

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