Imida & Red Sky – Xel Ha

Imida & Red Sky - Xel Ha EP

Imida & Red Sky – Xel Ha EP

Few labels can claim they’ve had such a rapid ascension to popularity like Pulsar Recordings. The self-proclaimed #1 Serbian trance label, has proven in its near 4 year existence, that quality releases need not be few and far between. To back this claim, it’s enough to look at the forthcoming release (number 164 in the catalogue) to see why.

At number 164 you’ll find a collaboration between Mexican producer Imida and UK-based producer Red Sky. Entitled Xel Ha (which roughly translates to ‘spring water’), this one is what you could call a ‘traditional uplifter’. What do I mean by that? Keep reading.

Original Mix

If you cast your mind back to the beginning of the decade, to that unmistakable Anjunabeats sound, more specifically Daniel Kandi’s productions, you’ll immediately take to this track. The original is a textbook uplifter, with a breakdown dominated by light pads and clearly defined strings.

No distortions or oddities, just the glourious, unaltered sound of uplifting trance. A pure track such as this, immune to any other stylistic influences, is quite rare these days.

5th Dimension’s Future Remix

In contrast, the rework from fellow Mexican 5th Dimension is quite an interesting mixture of ideas, starting off in an near ambient fashion, going through progressive and then settling on a slightly tech influenced uplifting arrangement. The kicks are slightly more pronounced, the flute sounds in the break are a nice touch, and the acidic undertones are a welcome addition.

In the near 9 minute rework, there’s time for it to ‘breathe’, so to speak. There were no abrupt switches or transitions in sight, and despite the variety of sounds involved, the result is very enjoyable.

For those of you eager to get it, it’ll be out this Friday, November 21st. Now give it a listen and see what you think. 😀

RELEASE DATE: 21.11.2014

Country: Serbia / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Pulsar Recordings

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