DeCode – Circles

DeCode - Circles EP

DeCode – Circles EP

So what’s with this new label, you ask? Research & Development Records is a brand new imprint from John Dopping and Alan Ruddick, and Middlesbrough-based producer Paul Johnson aka DeCode has the honor of opening the flood gates. Joining the original, a chilled mix from SeamLess Beat and an unmistakably psy-infused rework from Magnus.

Original Mix

The 10 minute-long original is  a pleasant surprise in this world focused on instant gratification, sporting a wonderfully far-reaching piano melody, accented by tribal influences. DeCode manages to create a very enjoyable progression, balancing melody and energy to a stunning final effect. An easy-listening track that’s sure to remain in my playlist for the forseeable future.

SeamLess Beat Remix

SeamLess Beat keeps the glourious melody intact, surrounding it with light pads which only enhance the vocal samples used and provide yet another take on this quality first release. The drums are a little more prominent, the vocal samples stretched out, with the added flute sounds complementing the entire arrangement nicely.

Magnus Remix

Last, but most certainly not least, the distinctive psy-infused sound of Michael Lee aka Magnus needs no introduction. His ability to create intricate soundscapes with the use of acids and prominent base lines has made him one of the producers I truly admire. While there are others who use similar elements, no one seems to quite get to the level of complexity that his arrangements have. This remix has that trademark sound all over, and is by far my favourite of the three productions included on the EP.


Country: UK / Genre: Tribal, Chill, Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Research & Development Records*

*Part of Digitized Recordings.

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