The Thrillseekers – Find You


The Thrillseekers - Find You

The Thrillseekers – Find You

Neither is 2014 over, nor is Steve Helstrip aka The Thrillseekers done releasing tracks this year. Come November 3rd, you’ll be able to get his latest single (and 4th one in this 12 month period), Find You. Joining the original, a properly uplifting remix from Ferry Tayle.

Original Mix

When asked in a recent interview about the title of the track, Steve revealed that the original version was from approximately 7 years ago, and that given its serendipitous discovery, he thought it appropriate to call it ‘Find You‘. With the slight tweaks he’s added to bring it closer up to date, Find You manages to sound modern, while retaining the signature Thrillseekers sound, which puts great emphasis on the melody, rather than the base. A good melody sounds great regardless of when it was composed, something that’s immediately obvious in this track. It’s a delight to listen to, acting as a bit of a reminder of that classic sound that many still have a great appreciation for today. I tip my hat to Mr. Helstrip for another exquisitely crafted production.

 Ferry Tayle Remix

French producer Ferry Tayle is on remix duties, and while it’s quite hard to remix something as good as the original, he’s done and admirable job. With a slightly more energetic take, his rework sways the needle more towards the modern uplifting sound, rather than Steve’s classic, arguably more progressive arrangement. The glorious melody has been kept intact, surrounded by prominent kicks and delivered at a more accelerated pace. What Ferry has done is basically provide the missing piece to transform this EP into one you can listen to during all occasions. Feell a little lazy and just want to relax? Listen to the original. Feeling particularly active and all that? Listen to Ferry’s remix.

Out on Beatport: November 3rd

Country: UK / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Adjusted Music

Quality trance these days is pretty easy to find, if you know where to look. With established names such as the Thrillseekers and Ferry Tayle you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the best the genre has to offer.

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