Luke Terry – Starlight

Luke Terry - Starlight

Luke Terry – Starlight

This next release under In Trance We Trust is a nice little treat for fans of the classic uplifting sound. I am, of course, talking about Luke Terry‘s newest single.

Starlight  will quickly become a part of your daily playlist if you, like me, appreciate a great melody above all else. The riff is teased 3 times at the beginning of the break, but slowly gets uncovered as you get nearer to the anthem point / climax. The transition between the end of the build and the release isn’t quite as  ‘explosive’ as in other tracks, which is actually a good thing. In a world in which apparently loudness trumps everything else, it’s refreshing to hear something like this.

It’s great to see that a legendary label like In Trance We Trust is still at the forefront of the scene, after more than two decades. If you had any doubts, Luke Terry‘s  newest offering will most definitely make them go away. Out exclusively on Beatport on October 27th, here’s the original mix of Starlight:

Out on Beatport: October 27th.

Country: The Netherlands / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: In Trance We Trust*

*Part of the Black Hole Recordings label group.

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