The Noble Six vs Chris Metcalfe – Ocean Avenue

The Noble Six vs. Chris Metcalfe - Ocean Avenue

The Noble Six vs. Chris Metcalfe – Ocean Avenue

There’s a handful of labels I always turn to when looking for new tracks for the site, and John O’Callaghan‘s Subculture is among the first I check. The newest release lined up proves why.

Landing in spot number 73 of the imprint’s catalogue is a quintessentially uplifting trance collaboration between Subculture favourite Chris Metcalfe and Canadian producer  Andrew Alexandrov (aka The Noble Six). And when I say uplifting, I mean it in every sense of the word.

Ocean Avenue is a bit of a blast from the past, as it abandons any tech or psy influences one might find in the more modern uplifters, choosing to instead focus on the thing that makes it great: the melody. No tape stops, no pitch shifts, nothing to distort that glorious lead melody that carries the track to its point of maximum energy. I’ve told you in the past that for me, the track’s break / build and melody are very important. Get those right, and you’ve got my full, undivided attention. Suffice to say, this track has gotten its fair share of replays from me, and it still sounds absolutely exquisite.

People are not very often completely convinced about something unless they actually see it / hear it / experience it. Having said that, it’s time for you, the reader, to take a drive down Ocean Avenue and hear for yourself just how good this is. Oh, and if you want to get it, it’ll be available to purchase from Beatport starting tomorrow, October 20th.

Out on Beatport: October 20th

Country: UK / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Subculture*

*Part of Black Hole Recordings.

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