John Dopping – Dissociate (Extended Mix)

John Dopping - Dissociate (Extended)

John Dopping – Dissociate (Extended)

If you got John Dopping‘s debut album (and why wouldn’t you, it’s excellent), then you surely might’ve wished for longer versions of certain tracks. Say no more and continue reading.

Joining Words In ColourBasically and IntrospectionDissociate gets a well deserved extended mix release under Borderline. The title is pretty descriptive, in the sense that the EP contains exactly what it says on the tin: a smooth psy trancer, with a myriad of different vocal chops and short melodic sequences, tightly woven into the fabric of the track, giving it that unique Dopping sound. You might say “What’s the difference? I have it alreadly”. Sure, but there’s more where that came from, so if you just found that 4 minute album version to be too short for your liking, here is the release you’ve been waiting for.

The extended version of Dissociate is out Monday, October 13th, on Beatport. The sample awaits below:

Out on Beatport: October 13th.

Country: UK / Style: Prog-Psy Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Borderline Music*

*Part of the Black Hole Recordings label group.

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