Paul Denton – Acid Reign

Paul Denton - Acid Reign / Flick The Switch EP

Paul Denton – Acid Reign / Flick The Switch EP

The Asylum has yet another hard as nails tech trance EP lined up for release. This one comes from Irish producer Paul Denton.

Going for two parts tech and one part trance, Paul delivers the double number that is Acid Reign / Flick The Switch.

Overflowing with the all too familiar 303 vibes, Acid Reign opens up release number 44 in the Asylum catalogue with prominent kicks and menacing base line rhythms. The breakdown leaves little room to breathe, as the acid quickly takes over, bringing the track to its anthem point. The drop continues the relentless pace of sound delivery, further cementing the idea that the reign of the 303 is far from over. The track it shares EP space with is a little on the more melodic side.

Flick The Switch, while still maintaining a relatively similar high tempo, sports a slightly longer and more melodic breakdown. That doesn’t last for long though, as the drop reveals the track’s true colors, giving the tech trance fans out there, yet another great production to add to their collection.

Of the two, Acid Reign is the one that caught my eye, and, as such, will be the one I’ll feature. The EP is out Monday, October 6th, on Beatport. Here’s a sample:

Out on Beatport: October 6th.

Country: Poland / Style: Tech Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Mental Asylum*

*Part of the Fraction Records group.

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