Transwave – Land Of Freedom (Liquid Soul Remix)

Transwave - Land Of Freedom

Transwave – Land Of Freedom (Liquid Soul Mixes)

A 1996 Goa classic gets a new lease of life with this latest EP from Perfecto Fluoro.

Transwave‘s Land Of Freedom saw the light of day 18 years ago, but now it’s luckily being brought right up to date by none other than Swiss producer Nicola Capobianco .

Included on Full On Fluoro Volume 4 (mixed by the man himself), Liquid Soul’s remix scraps the acid-heavy structure of the original, in favor for a much cleaner, more melodic approach. A soothing prog-psy sound envelops the track, making the stunning melodic riff really stand out. Remixing an old track is never an easy task, but Nicola has absolutely hit the nail on the head with his rework. It’s one of those infinitely replayable tracks that gets better and better the more you play it.

A brand new approach, for the new wave of trance listeners, Liquid Soul‘s fantastic rework of Land Of Freedom is out September 15th, exclusively on Beatport. Here’s what it sounds like:

Out on Beatport: September 15th

Country: UK / Style: Psy Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Perfecto Fluoro*

*Part of Perfecto Records Armada Music.

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