[RWD] Christopher Lawrence – Rush Hour

2000 | Hook Recordings

2000 | Hook Recordings

The ReWind series exists as merely an aid in the discovery (or rather, rediscovery) of the unintentionally forgotten, or the often overlooked tracks of yesteryear.

The soundtrack can make or break a game. Even though you might not be paying attention that much during gameplay, the songs included can have a pretty big effect on your overall enjoyment. Let’s not forget, there’s always that one song you eagerly wait the return of. For me, it was one of Christopher Lawrence‘s classics.

Included on the soundtrack of Need For Speed Underground 2, Rush Hour was among several others I thoroughly enjoyed. Back in ’04, I had no idea who Christopher Lawrence was, or what trance was (or even that it existed). Despite this, I had no problem putting the pedal to the metal whilst what I referred to as ‘that track‘ played in the backgroundNot once did I have the curiosity to actually look up what it was called.

Fast forward about a decade, and here I am, searching through the NFSU2 soundtrack, for no apparent reason. I eventually get to listen to Rush Hour, and the penny drops. It’s that track, the one I’ve had stuck in my head for years after playing the game. It was this realization that made me choose it for this week’s ReWind.

The chunky base line, addictive melody and relentless pace of sound delivery, meant it was perfectly suited for a racing game. A prime example of masterfully crafted underground trance, Rush Hour still sounds absolutely stunning 14 years on. That’s no small feat.

I for one am glad to be finally able to enjoy the track at its full value. You’re going to want to turn this up:

Country: UK / Style: Trance / Year: 2000 / Label: Hook Recordings

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you liked it. 😀

ReWind returns next Friday. 😀


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