Amir Hussain – Presence Of Mind

Amir Hussain - Presence Of Mind EP

Amir Hussain – Presence Of Mind EP

Earlier this year, we got Amir Hussain‘s remix of Tek Drum. The time has now come for his solo release on Monster Force.

Presence Of Mind is everything an uplifting fan could want, and more. Filled to the brim with high impact kicks and acids, the track thunders along, propped up by strategically placed vocal chops, reverse cymblas and filter sweeps. The breakdown is a showcase of trance’s truly uplifting side, with the crisp melody taking center stage. As the build ends, Presence Of Mind reaches the point of maximum energy, blasting its melody rich release through your speakers.

Monster Tunes’ relaunched sub-label has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with, keeping up its high quality string of releases. The newest addition to the back catalogue is headed for an August 25th Beatport exclusive release. Until then, here’s a sample of Amir Hussain’Presence Of Mind:

Out on Beatport: August 25th.

Country: UK / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Monster Force*

*Part of Monster Tunes.

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