[Chill Week] John Stanford – Far Centaurus

Chill Week Day 6

Chill Week Day 6

The torrid summer days are upon us, so it’s best to just kick back and relax. Through Chill Week, I’m providing the soundtrack for your relaxation session.

In doing this series, I’ve been exposed to some truly great tracks, but none quite as intriguing as this one.

Taken from Deep Space, the debut album of well-known New Zealand-based producer John StanfordFar Centaurus sits smack bang in the middle between trance and ambient, combining the best of both. Futuristic sounds and energetic strings, backed by crisp drum work and subtle acid interventions, help etch the name of this production in the mind of the listener. As the name of the album suggests, the atmosphere is really open, with far-reaching soundscapes and smooth transitions.

To top it all off, Far Centaurus is also available to download for free, which is fantastic news. Why? Just have a listen to the sample below:

Country: New Zealand / Style: Electronica / Year: 1999* / Label: White Cloud

*Part of the Deep Space album. You can download all the other tracks on the album here.

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you like it. 😀

Chill Week returns tomorrow. 😀


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