[Chill Week] Thomas Datt – Puzzle Pieces [Inside The Glacier]


Chill Week Day 1

Chill Week Day 1

The torrid summer days are upon us, so it’s best to just kick back and relax. Through Chill Week, I’m providing the soundtrack for your relaxation session.

We kick things off in an appropriately chilly fashion, from inside an icy formation. More specifically, Thomas Datt‘s Inside The Glacier album.

Fans will be pleasantly surprised by Thomas’ foray into ambient, getting to choose from 21 carefully arranged tracks. Inside The Glacier has been described as “Chilled Datt at its finest”, which sums it up nicely. At first listen, I didn’t seem to connect with any of the samples, but upon closer inspection, some of the tracks did stand out:

In Long Distance (Chilled Breaks Mix) the  drum sequence gives it an air of subtle sophistication, hitting a nice middle ground between the beat-less ambient tracks out there, and Thomas’ well-known trancy sound. Glitch In the System caught my eye thanks to its crunchy base line and precisely timed, echoed vocal chops. His collaboration with Kenidel Lopez, entitled Bliss, has an almost film score-like sound, with a really spacey atmosphere and one of the nicest melodies I’ve heard this year.

If I absolutely had to pick just one from the album, it would be Puzzle Pieces. Out of the 21, this has been stuck in my head since I first heard it. The deep, crystal clear melody, accented by subtle bell sounds and choir-like pads, have catapulted it straight into my favourites. Just as its name suggests, all the right pieces have fallen into place, helping to complete this musical puzzle. It’s the perfect example of doing more with less, and an absolute gem of a track. As a result, I’ve considered it worthy of being the opening track for our little week-long experiment.

Inside The Glacier is out August 25th, in all formats (both CD & digital). If you want to check out the other tracks, hit up this link for a few more samples. Otherwise, here’s the exquisite sample for Puzzle Pieces:

Out: August 25th.

Country: UK / Style: Chillout / Year: 2014*/ Label: Recoverworld

*As part of Thomas Datt’Inside The Glacier album.

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you liked it. 😀

Chill Week continues tomorrow. 😀


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