Sonic Element – Tracing Paths

Sonic Element - Tracing Paths

Sonic Element – Tracing Paths

They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, and they’re wrong (whoever they are). Case in point: Sonic Element‘s newest single.

Back in February, I said that Crossroads was a masterpiece, and I stand by my words. At the time, I thought the chance of a repeat performance wasn’t really all that high, since the aforementioned track was so good. Happily however, I was nowhere near the truth.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Tracing Paths makes use of tight drum work and subtle acid riffs, to offer a firm footing for the avalanche of sound to follow. The all important melody doesn’t only have a noticeable presence, it’s as epic as ever. Airy, choir-like pads and strategically placed filter sweeps help to complete the package, contributing to the creation of the absolutely phenomenal atmosphere of the break. What happens after the break is even better.

In my opinion, a good build-up should seem effortless, and should almost creep up on the listener. Suffice to say, I’ve replayed that part many more times than I’d like to admit, and each time I enjoy it even more. Absolutely faultless.

If I want quality, there is a handful of labels I always turn to. Activa‘s Borderline isn’t only a part of this list, it’s often times the first place I look, and with the steady stream of high caliber stuff they’ve been putting out, it’s sure to stay that way. Add to that a producer such as Sonic Element, and you’ve got my full, undivided attention.

Uplifting in every sense of the word, and as epic as they get, Tracing Paths is out Monday, August 11th on Beatport.

 Beatport: August 11th

Country: UK / Style: Uplifting Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Borderline Music

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