John Dopping ft. Activa – Chayote [Words In Colour]

John Dopping - Words In Colour [Debut Album]

John Dopping – Words In Colour [Debut Album]

John Dopping‘s long awaited debut artist album is finally ready for prime time.

You could say I was late to the party, only discovering John’s music in mid to late 2012. I distinctly remember that the track that sparked my interest was his remix of Rospy – Flying Time, due in no small part to its almost cinematic-like breakdown. The strong focus on the melody, and the fact that John didn’t fall into the ‘compress all the things’ trap earned him bonus points in my book. Since then, two years have gone by, and we’re now presented with his debut album, entitled Words In Colour.

This long player stands as a testament to John Dopping‘s musical versatility, showcasing everything from the chilled vibes of Kayafly and Malady to the more melodic Glade and the acid injected Introspection, along with the other prog gems included. As you’ve been able to figure out from the title, one track in particular has stood out from the bunch, for me at least. Said production goes by the name of Chayote and is a collaboration with mr. Borderline Music himself, Rob ‘Activa‘ Stevenson.

A smooth blend of prog and psy, accented by a variety of vocal chops and a subtle, panning acid sound, Chayote, just like the rest of the tracks on the album, is a cut (ok, really three cuts) above the regular material that gets released each week (with a few exceptions, of course). I believe the secret to the addictiveness of its sound lies not merely in the synths and elements used, but in the arrangement. John and Rob are among a very small group of people that, at least from my perspective, nail every aspect of production every single time. Other notable examples are Magnus, Sonic Element and John 00 Fleming.

This post is quickly morphing into an unapproachable wall of text, so let’s wrap it up.

Words In Colour is a fantastic thing to listen to, with plenty of variety and great attention to detail. As far as the track I’m featuring is concerned, Chayote has been in my playlist for a little over a month and a half, getting (repeated) daily plays. You know how you discover a track and you must play it until you hate it? I’m still in that process and the end of it still seems far, far away.

I’d be rude of me to keep blabbering for this long and not provide a sample, so here it is:

Later Edit: The original sample has gone poof, so use this link to feast your ears upon this fantastic track.

Out on Beatport: July 28th, as part of John Dopping’s debut artist album, Words In Colour.

Country: UK / Style: Progressive Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Borderline Music

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