Discover DARK 100 (Mixed by Oberon)

VA - Discover DARK 100

VA – Discover DARK 100

10 years of nothing but the finest in underground tech trance have culminated with release number 100 in the Discover Dark back catalogue. An absolutely essential compilation for any fan of the darker, techier side of trance. Before I give you the details about this comp, let’s take a look at how it all began.

Back in 2004, John Askew kicked off proceedings with his Club Music EP which featured his now classic Blackout on the A side. In the time that has passed, Discover Dark has morphed from its initial status as a bit of an experiment, to the full-fledged, highly respected label it is today. Consistently high quality releases have cemented its reputation as one of the premier labels in today’s scene. Not only that, but Discover Dark also helped usher in the genre we now call ‘tech-trance’, which was pretty much in its infancy back in ’04.

Discover DARK 100 features 18 brand new remixes for some of the biggest releases in the imprint’s decade-long history, exploring even more facets of this glorious sub-style. Taking classics from John AskewMatt Skyer, Peter Plaznik, Indecent Noise and many, many more, the new reshuffles have done justice to their original counterparts, managing to retain the initial charm, while giving off their own original vibe.

Out of the 18 exquisite new remixes, 5 have stood out for me. They are:

Mekk – Restless [Activa Presents Mekk] (Peter Plaznik’s No Sleep Remix)

Plazo gears up to deliver an unmistakable sounding reheat to Activa‘s Restless. Hard hitting kicks, prominent acids and a base line that’ll sure rattle your subwoofer, this is an excellent example of Peter’s production prowess.

John Askew – Giving You Acid (Casey Rasch & John Merki Remix)

Full steam ahead, with corrosive 303 action and a powerful vocal sample that helps drill in the name of the production, it definitely lives up to its name. Dark, highly energetic, no-nonsense tech trance. High caliber stuff.

Matt Skyer – Throwing Swords (Jamie Drummond Remix)

The kick in is absolutely stunning and the amplified acids, coupled with the thunderous kicks really succeed in absolutely supercharging the original. Incredible.

Adam Foley – Trip Switch (Spencer Hardwick Remix)

Clever modulation of the acids, coupled with the high-energy base line and its high bpm pretty much guarantee a place for this in my playlist for days to come. Ace remix.

Peter Plaznik – Destroyer (Casey Rasch Remix)

Casey takes Peter’s original and tones it down a tad, cleverly employing delayed vocal chops and a much clearer melody which gives Destroyer an entirely new, almost relaxing vibe. Highly recommended.

Of course, taste is entirely subjective, so to make it easier for you to choose your favourites, I’ve included a tracklist and a playlist with all the samples. Go ahead, you’ll want to check this out. 😀

1. John Askew – Chime (Liam Wilson Tech Remix)
2. John O’Callaghan & Bryan Kearney – Pendulum (Chris Voro Remix)
3. Bryan Kearney – More to Life (Origin ‘Cold Razor’ Remix)
4. Mekk – Restless [Activa Presents Mekk] (Peter Plaznik’s No Sleep Remix)
5. Bryan Kearney – Punchline (Sequence & Deathmind Remix)
6. Sean Tyas – Rulebook (Johann Stone Remix)
7. Indecent Noise – Zokete (Omega Drive ‘Make Some Noise’ Remix)
8. Oberon – Danger Ahead (Johan Ekman Remix)
9. Lisa Lashes – Numero Uno (Ian Booth Remix)
10. John Askew – Battery Acid (Oberon’s Bad Acid Remix)
11. John Askew – Giving You Acid (Casey Rasch & John Merki Remix)
12. Greg Downey – King Dong (Oberon’s 12″ Remix)
13. Matt Skyer – Throwing Swords (Jamie Drummond Remix)
14. Indecent Noise – Civitanova (Estigma Remix)
15. Jamie Drummond – Code Zero (Diego Morrill Remix)
16. Adam Foley – Trip Switch (Spencer Hardwick Remix)
17. John Askew & Matt Hardwick – Slaves to the Machine (Drama Remix)
18. Peter Plaznik – Destroyer (Casey Rasch Remix)


Out as a CD release: July 21st.  Digital version to follow.

Country: UK / Style: Tech Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Discover DARK*

*Part of the Recoverworld Label Group.

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you’d like. 😀

 With the release of the album inbound, only one question remains: are you afraid of the DARK?


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