Nick Sentience – Scientific Advancement (Chris Voro Remix)

Nick Sentience - Scientific Advancement EP

Nick Sentience – Scientific Advancement EP

Energy levels reach new heights, as KSX’s Critical Overload gets ready to welcome back the man the kicked it all off.

Nick Sentience‘s latest offering is a thunderous blend of tech and psy, injected with a hefty amount of acid and topped off in style with a crazy vocal sample. Scientific Advancement will definitely appeal to the 140+ crowd, as it easily passes said bpm mark. Still, if you’re not necessarily looking at tracks just through the bpm lens, this is an all round great production, as was to be expected from Nick.

On hand to deliver his reinterpretation is Greek producer Chris Voro. The remix features the signature psy-breaks sound of recent Voro releases, with prominent acids and drums which are further enhanced by the placement of the vocal chops. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a big fan of psy-breaks before, but there’s something about Chris’ remixes that just makes this style sound so good. I’m sold, and hopefully, so are you.

This one’s headed for a July 14th Beatport release. As usual, the sample awaits below:

Out on Beatport: July 14th

Country: Australia / Style: Psy-Breaks / Year: 2014 / Label: Critical Overload*

*Part of the Komplex Sounds (KSX) label group.

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