Tangle – Leviathan

Tangle - Leviathan

Tangle – Leviathan

Tangled Audio‘s fanbase is steadily growing, and the latest release from the imprint only serves as a catalyst for the growth

.A musical treat from Tangle himself, this one is most definitely worthy of your attention. With its strong rolling bases with crystal clear melodies and punchy percussion and kicks, Leviathan is sure to leave a lasting impression on the listener. It has a very well constructed atmosphere that will make you hit that replay button again, and again, and again, and – you get the idea.

An absolute monster of a track, this one is headed for a June 30th Beatport release. Here’s  the sample:

Out as a Beatport exclusive on June 30th.

Country: US / Style: Techlifting / Year: 2014 / Label: Tangled Audio*

*Part of Alter Ego Records.

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you’d like. 😀




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