Magnus – 2nd Born (Jirah Remix)

Magnus - 2nd Born / Vermilion

Magnus – 2nd Born / Vermillion

You got Binary Complex and the Render One EP and you still want more from Magnus? Step right this way, then.

Activa’s Borderline is the host for a brand new double pack from the American producer. Kicking in with the signature prog-psy sound, 2nd Born and Vermillion follow the same tried and true recipe, making a lasting impression on the listener. You’ve heard it before in his tracks, and you can certainly hear it in these two. Magnus knows his stuff and it shows, especially in the way he arranges the sounds. Awesome!

Also included on the EP, a 2nd Born remix from fellow countryman Tim McCall, aka Jirah. Although the version included has slightly different tempo, going to the sub-140 zone, at 138 bpm, it’s still no slouch. FX aplenty and smooth transitions, coupled with strong breakdowns and builds have made me choose it for this Saturday track highlight.

Keep your eyes peeled, this lands on Beatport on June 16h.

Out on June 16th

Country: UK / Style: Prog-Psy Trance / Year: 2014 / Label: Borderline Music

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