Elxis & Chris Voro – Ultramundane Magma 2014

Elxis & Chris Voro - Ultramundane Magma 2014

Elxis & Chris Voro – Ultramundane Magma 2014

Elxis‘ 1996 Goa classic gets a stunning 2014 reshuffle, with some help from Chris Voro.

The two Greek producers took Ultramundane Magma and brought it bang up to date, with tighter drums, heavier base lines and a much more prominent melody line that will surely get stuck in your head for weeks to come. Word of warning though : its sound is seriously addictive. The attention to detail is amazing, and the subtle accents are the things that really take it over the top. Absolutely incredible update, true to the vibe of the 1996 original.

For the more picky individuals among our readers, there’s also a double remix from Chris Oblivion. One can listen to either his Back To Goa or Chemical Remix for another interesting twist on this production. A little more fast-paced, but very enjoyable.

As you were able to see, I’ve chosen to highlight the original of Ultramundane Magma 2014. Turn the volume up, and hit play :

Release delayed. Out on Beatport : June 9th.

Country : Australia / Style : Goa Trance / Year : 2014 / Label : Critical Overload*

*Part of the Komplex Sounds (KSX) label group.

Listen. If you enjoyed it, hit that like button. Even better still, share & comment if you’d like. 😀


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