Daniel Skyver – Tantrum (Activa Remix)

Daniel Skyver - Tantrum (Activa Remix)

Daniel Skyver – Tantrum (Activa Remix)

The progressive vibe takes over, for this upcoming Monster Force release.

In January, Daniel Skyver‘s original of Tantrum hit Beatport and other online stores. From the looks of it, the people at Monster HQ were as impressed as I was with Activa‘s Antimatter, so they’ve roped him in to remix Daniel‘s track.

A strong contrast between the original and this one. The former, a highly energetic uplifter, the latter a laid back end of the day reimagining of Tantrum that takes advantage of subtle acid lines and puts the melody front and center. A rendition that’s all about eliminating clutter and focusing on the core of the production. That’s always a good thing in my book.

Ok, I get it. No more text, you want to listen to the damn thing. Here’s the sample :

Beatport : May 12th

Country : UK / Style : Progressive Trance / Year : 2014 / Label : Monster Force*

*Part of Monster Tunes.

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