John Askew – Mechanism

John Askew - Mechanism

John Askew – Mechanism

Mental Asylum Records and John Askew in the same sentence? Yep, you read that right.

John’s newest peak time anthem might be business as usual at first sight, but don’t be fooled.

Mechanism starts off like a freight train, with aggressive drum sequences and sharp acid lines, heading full steam ahead towards the break. A Middle-Eastern vocal greets the listener as the break starts to fully reveal itself. Not long after, a psy-like triplet base rears its head, only to be promptly killed-off as the ‘You gotta be fucking kidding…” sample ends (taken from the movie The Thing).

The track then takes an abrupt turn as the dark melodies get more and more intense, until…well, that’s for you to find out in the sample below :

Out on Beatport : April 21st.

Country : Poland / Style : Tech Trance / Year : 2014 / Label : Mental Asylum*

*Part of the Fraction Records group.

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