Activa – Antimatter

Activa - Antimatter

Activa – Antimatter

Following his remix of Nirvana in December of last year , here’s Rob ‘Activa‘ Stevenson’s solo debut on Fluoro.

Between the visual refresh of his label Borderline Music and mixing Full On Fluoro volume 3, Rob seems to have found some time to craft another stunning original.

Dubbed Antimatter, this one’s a 90s track in 2014 disguise. A lush blend of progressive and goa trance, with a seriously addictive melody and subtle percussion work that really emphasizes what this genre truly is about: the hypnotic experience of sound.

It’s been on repeat for me for a little over a month and honestly, there are only two explanations : either this is very good, or I’m crazy. Or both.

I’d probably rave about it ’till next month, but there’s no time. Just hit that play button. You won’t be disappointed by what you hear. 😀

Out exclusively on Beatport : April 21st

Country : UK / Style : Trance / Year : 2014 / Label : Perfecto Fluoro*

*Part of Perfecto Records / Armada Music.

Listen. Like. Share & Comment. 😀


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