Peetu S – F%$king Violence

Peetu S - Protective Custody / F%$king Violence EP

Peetu S – Protective Custody / F%$king Violence EP

After the release of Mirage Lost In A Better World on Perfecto Fluoro back in February, Finnish producer Peetu Sainio turns his attention towards Activa‘s Borderline for his next double track EP.

The A side track, Protective Custody, one of the most eagerly anticipated IDs from John Askew’s NYC set last year, shows Peetu‘s ability to craft an unmistakable acid infused uplifter with epic melodic sequences which get more and more intense as the track kicks and sweeps its way towards the breakdown and subsequent release.

For the more tech inclined folk of the fanbase, F%$king Violence is the definite favourite here. Thundering kicks and hard edged acids, create a heavy atmosphere, akin to some of his older tracks. The subtle melody and vocal sample provide the final layer of depth for this memorable track.

Below, you’ll find a sample from F%$king Violence, the track I’ve chosen to highlight.

Out exclusively on Beatport : April 14th

Country : UK / Style : Trance / Year : 2014 / Label : Borderline Music

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