[RWD] Atmosphere – Storm (Alphazone Remix)

2005 | Skywarp Records

2005 | Skywarp Records

The ReWind series exists as merely an aid in the discovery (or rather, rediscovery) of the unintentionally forgotten, or the often overlooked tracks of yesteryear. 

Alphazone has been a name I’ve admired for quite some time, and thanks to Vând Sunete, I managed to feature some of  my favourite tracks from them.(here, here, here and here).

Alex & Arne are, as far as I’m concerned, the masters of the hard trance sound. Not only do they strike the right balance between powerful kicks and base, but the buildups they create are simple, yet memorable.

An excellent example of their production prowess is the rework they’ve done for Atmosphere‘s Storm, released under Alphazone‘s very own Skywarp Records.

Trust me, you’re going to want to increase the volume for this one :

Country : Germany / Style : Hard Trance / Year : 2005 / Label : Skywarp Records

Listen. Like. Share & Comment. 😀

ReWind returns next Friday. 😀


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