[RWD] Space Manoeuvres – Stage One (Total Separation Mix)

2000  | Hooj Choons

1999 | Hooj Choons

The ReWind series exists as merely an aid in the discovery (or rather, rediscovery) of the unintentionally forgotten, or the often overlooked tracks of yesteryear.

The trance scene from the turn of the century is viewed by some as the golden era of the genre. Whether you agree or not is an entirely different matter but, truth be told, there were some amazing productions that got released right around that time.

As trance was as popular as ever, hits were pretty much churned out on a conveyor belt. Many of them went on to become classics in their own right.

The 90s and early 2000s had plenty of gifted producers, one of which was John Graham. Thanks to the tracks he released under various aliases (from Skanna to  Quivver and Space Manoeuvres), John had a big impact on the development of the progressive / trance movement of the 90s.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of his most well known productions was the 1999 Hooj Choons release of Stage One, under his Space Manoeuvers moniker. From the chilling, spacey atmosphere, to laid back vibe and the breaks-like kick pattern, the track was an immense success  and still stands to this day as an absolute masterpiece. To top it all off, he also included a sample from the movie “Event Horizon”.

Below, you’ll find the Total Separation Mix :

Any crew? 

Country : UK / Style : Progressive Trance / Year : 1999 / Label : Hooj Choons

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