Chris Voro – Anathema

Chris Voro - Anathema EP

Chris Voro – Anathema EP

The dust hasn’t quite settled from Peter & Phil’Unbreakable Life EP, but here we are, with another stunning EP from Discover DARK HQ. This time, it’s the turn of Greek DJ & Producer Christos Voropoulos, who provides an eclectic blend of styles in the form of Anathema.

From tech trance, to psy trance and then back to tech trance again, the original is a breakneck delivery of sound that’s bound to get the neighbour’s attention. Dark, driving and epic, the attributes of a perfect Discover Dark release. But, the surprises don’t end here.

The EP contains not one, but three alternate versions, from the likes of Peter Hulsmans, DeathMind & Estigma and Casey Rasch. Hard to pick a favourite, but I went with Chris’ original.

The package is out in two weeks.

Country : UK / Style : Tech Trance / TBR : March 10th / Label : Discover DARK*

*Part of the Recoverworld Label Group.

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