Sonic Element – Crossroads

Sonic Element - Crossroads

Sonic Element – Crossroads

For its second release of 2014, Borderline brings to the fore one of its most highly regarded producers.

Back in August, Forever hit speakers worldwide and was very well received, with people praising it for its beautiful breakdown, one of the key points of a Sonic Element production. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the follow up, you’re in luck.

Crossroads is every bit as brilliant as the previous single. Sad strings, airy pads and chilling melodic riffs, underpinned by tight kicks and accented by the odd vocal chop. Given  the quality of previous tracks, my expectations were quite high. The good news is, my expectations weren’t only met, but surpassed. This isn’t good. It isn’t great. It’s on an entirely new level. There’s no way around it : it’s a masterpiece.

I could very well praise it ’till next week (which is when it’s scheduled for release), but I think it’s best to just let you enjoy the sample below. 😀

Country : UK / Style : Uplifting Trance / Beatport : 10.02.2014 / Label : Borderline

Listen. Like. Share & Comment. 😀


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