Jordan Suckley & Eddie Bitar- Centipede

JordanSuckley.EddieBitar.Centipede.DMGD.BlackholeYet another producer has decided to have a crack at this label-owning business, and that producer is Jordan Suckley.

His imprint, Damaged Records, opens with Centipede, a collaboration between the man himself and Mental Asylum regular, Eddie Bitar. The track has about as many facets as the arthropod it borrows its name from has feet. and that’s to say lots of them. A dizzying combination of kicks, sweeps and acids, carefully placed to create the maximum amount of suspense that has become a signature of both Jordan and Eddie’s styles. And to top it all off, a vocal sample from Psycho, because why not. 😀

The EP is out on Beatport on the 3rd of February, with remixes from James Dymond and Allen & Envy. Until then, OH GOD, check below :

“Mother! Mother! Oh god, Mother!”

Country : UK / Style : Tech Trance / Beatport : Feb. 3rd / Label : Damaged

Listen. Like. Share & Comment. 😀


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