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VSfreebies (2)

Everybody likes free stuff, and since producers are in a giving mood, we might as well accept the gifts. Below you’ll find a bunch more tracks to download and add to your playlist. Enjoy. 😀

Chris Voro & Victims – X Rated (Sektor V Unleashed)

JD vs. JXL – Childsplay Never Fades (Indecent Noise Mashup)

TMA – Breathe Code Alone (Muhammad Lee Mashup)

Dope – Debonaire (Sektor V Rework)

Indecent Noise feat. Ridgewalkers – Full Moon Fever (Power Vocal Mix)

Binary Finary – The Annex (Original Mix)

Binary Finary – The Annex (Dirkie Coetzee Remix)

3rd Moon – DNA (Amir Hussain & Alan Ruddick Remix)

CERN – The Message (John Newall Remix)

Soundgate – Lucifer 

Oh, and in case you missed it, from earlier this year, in its full .aif format (for all you audiophiles out there 😀 ) :

Commander Tom – Are Am Eye (John Askew Remix) [Download]

If you ever need the download links in the future, worry not. Just head over to our freshly created Freebies page and download away. All past, current and future freebies will be listed there. If you know of any that I might’ve missed, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email.

Check back in a couple of days, for our top 20 of 2013. 🙂


So, what do you think? :)

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