Bowdidge & Taylor – Unstable [Missing Pieces EP]

VA - Missing Pieces EP

VA – Missing Pieces EP

The missing pieces fall into place at long last, as Mental Asylum Records prepares its final release package for 2013.

From the moment it launched in mid 2012, to the present day, the label has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity, thanks to its focus on fast-paced, acid driven tech trancers. For EP #25, the folks at Mental HQ have lined up not one, but three crazy-good tracks for you to enjoy.

Kicking off proceedings is head honcho Indecent Noise with Razorcharge, a fusion of tried and true hits Supercharge and Razor. Double the tracks, double the trouble.

Next, a groovier, more restrained version of Jase Thirlwall‘s Gobstopper, in the form of the Unreleased Mix. Subtle. but effective tweaks. have transformed the original into a more toned down, yet still very enjoyable production. Definitely check this out.

Last, but most certainly not least, from UK duo Bowdidge & Taylor, makers of peak time hits like Firecracker and Sidewinder, there’s the highly volatile creation entitled Unstable. An unstoppable (unless you hit pause) beat stampede that will make you wish the volume level would go higher than 100%. This one is my pick for today.

Three mental tracks, each one more insane than the last. The home of everything dark, twisted and uptempo has done it yet again :

Country : UK / Style : Tech Trance / TBR : Dec. 16th* / Label : Mental Asylum**

*As part of the Missing Pieces EP.

**Sub label of Fraction Records.

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