Ben Nicky – Pebbles (Angry Man Remix)

Ben Nicky - Pebbles (Angry Man Remix)

Ben Nicky – Pebbles (Angry Man Remix)

The angry one is at it again, this time turning his attention towards a Monster tune from earlier this year.

Ever since his first EP on Perfecto Fluoro late last year (After Dawn Synthetic Fury), the enigma that is Angry Man has been constantly churning out dark tech trancers, both originals and remixes, one truckload of acid at a time. And yet, he’s far from done. His latest victim is the innocent Pebbles by Ben Nicky

Peeling back all the layers, he revealed the core of the track, which is when things started getting really interesting. Intent on leaving his mark, he started by crafting the signature acid-injected layered synths, cranked the kick up to 11 and finished things off with an infectious bass line. If there’s something that’ll get your blood pumping, it’s this thing.

The remix comes to reaffirm what Angry Man has already proved : he has the skills and he’s not afraid to put them to good use. Better get off his lawn though, or else he might throw some ston…erm.. pebbles at you. 😀

Country : UK / Style : Tech Trance / TBR : Dec. 16th 2013 / Label : Monster Digital*

*Part of the Monster Tunes label group.

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