[Classic Remixed] Scot Project – U (Mark Sherry’s Acidburst Remix)

Scot Project - U [EP]

Scot Project – U [EP]

Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, I’ve lined up some dark, acid-rich productions for you to enjoy. First up, a reshuffled version of Scot Project‘s 1995 classic, U.

British DJ & producer Mark Sherry does the honours, providing two terrific new interpretations of the track. On the one hand, the Outburst remix is similar to the modern tech-trancers, so it goes like a train. On the other hand, the Acidburst remix is in a league of its own. Old school TB-303 acid lines and the hardstyle post-build-up kicks, both brilliantly executed.

But the real piece de la resistance of this remix is the build. From its almost atmospheric beginnings, to the explosive anthem point, this thing has it all. To paraphrase, with this, Mark is extending his middle finger to the commercial house and trance scene.

Hide your children, hide your wife. THIS IS MASSIVE!

Country : UK / Style : Trance / Year : 2013 / Label : Perfecto Fluoro*

*Part of the Armada Music label group.

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