[Classic] Virus – Sun (Man With No Name Remix)

Virus - Sun EP [1995]

Virus – Sun EP [1995]

If there is a group of people I would like to thank personally, it’s those at Roland. Most notably, Tadao Kikumoto, the creator of the Transistor Bass 303, or TB-303 for short. This little machine, although it failed to sell to its target market,  would, years after its production had ended, play a vital role in shaping what we know today as House and Trance.

From House music (named after Chicago’s ‘The Warehouse’ club), to the later developed Acid House and Goa Trance respectively, the 303 synthesizer was the thing that gave those genres their unique, if quirky sound. Tadao Kikumoto had no idea that despite the limited production (only sold between 1982-’84, with 10 000 units shipped) the TB-303 would go on to create a true revolution in electronic dance music. Also, in 2011, the 1981 release of the synthesizer was included on The Guardian’s ‘50 key events in the history of dance music‘ list. This then, is a pretty important piece of kit.

What better way to demonstrate the sound that this little silver box is capable of producing, other than by recommending one of the countless tracks that have used it?

From the mid 1990s, here’s the classic Man With No Name remix for Sun by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne, aka Virus :

Country : UK / Style : Goa / Year : 1995 / Label : Perfecto Records

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All the info in the post, plus much, much more is available here.


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