[Classic] The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia (En Motion Mix)

The Thrillseekers - Synasthesia

The Thrillseekers – Synasthesia

If you know you trance, then you can skip straight to the sample and hit play. If you’re new to the genre, keep reading.

The existence of this particular recommendation is made possible thanks to Steven Helstrip, one of the legendary names in the history of the genre. But chances are, you don’t know him by his real name. Perhaps, The Thrillseekers rings a bell?

Countless productions like ‘Affinity’, ‘New Life’, ‘By Your Side’ or ‘Ascension’ have made him a mainstay in the history books of this particular style of EDM. On top of that, he’s quite an accomplished label owner. Adjusted Music is his very own imprint. But we’re not here to praise him for his later work. We’re here to listen to his debut track and, oddly enough, his most famous production.

A couple of years back, I recommended a remix by Alex M.O.R.P.H. of this very track. Now however, I’m going to highlight Synasthesia in its most well known version, the En Motion remix. A timeless classic :

Country : UK / Style : Trance / Year : 1999 / Label : Neo Records

Listen. Like. Share & Comment. 😀


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