ReOrder – Sky Harbour

ReOrder - Sky Harbour

UK’s Monster Digital has become almost too predictable. Setting the bar high every time and delivering on the original promise, the guys at Monster HQ have prepared yet another gem. From Slovakian talent and Silent Shore Records co-founder Tibor Tomecko, here’s the pure uplifting masterpiece, fittingly entitled Sky Harbour. 

As soon as you hit play, the track just takes off. In true ReOrder fashion, the absolutely stunning work that he has done on the melody and percussion, and the pad and baseline wizardry, come together perfectly in this absolute monster of a tune. But I’m not the only one praising this track. Oh no. As a testament of how good this is, it was picked as ‘Tune Of The Week’ on episode 633 of Armin van Buuren’s world-renowned radio show A State Of Trance. How about that?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready for takeoff. Destination: Sky Harbour.

Country : UK / Style : Uplifting Trance / TBR : Nov. 4th / Label : Monster Digital*

*Part of Monster Tunes.

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