Oliver & Tom – Aurora Boreal (Ikerya Project Remix)

Oliver & Tom - Aurora Boreal EP

Oliver & Tom – Aurora Boreal EP

Serbia’s Pulsar Recordings has been churning out quality EPs ever since its inception. They’ve been growing steadily ever since and have passed the 100 release mark less than a month ago. Celebrations aside, here’s the newest addition to their catalogue.

After delivering a remix for Skysha’s Summer Rain back in May, Argentinean duo Oliver & Tom returns with an original of its own. Aurora Boreal is a track of contrasts, with a rough, glitchy intro / release and a more melodic, more traditional sounding break. The production as a whole is somewhat reminiscent of earlier creations from that other Argentinean duo, Heatbeat.

Thing is though, I’d like to focus on one of the remixes. The one that interests me comes courtesy of Belgrade’s Erik Iker, otherwise known to you and me as Ikerya Project.

Erik’s version ditches the roughness of the original, instead focusing on the melodic side. The well-known rolling baseline kicks in and, accompanied by melodic accents,  starts to bring everything together whilst heading, full steam ahead, towards the break. The piano melody has been preserved, but has received a few tweaks, making it sound a bit crisper. Just as the listener gets familiar with the melody, the snare roll steps in, helping Aurora Boreal reach its peak energy point.

As always, Pulsar has given trance fans everywhere another classy collectible. Crank up the volume and sit back. 😀

Country : Serbia / Style : Uplifting Trance / Year : 2013 / Label : Pulsar Recordings

Listen. Like. Share & Comment. 😀


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