Bowdidge & Taylor – Sidewinder

Bowdidge & Taylor - Sidewinder EP

Bowdidge & Taylor – Sidewinder EP

One would think that after the release of hits such as Firecracker and As It Should Be, plus the scheduled release of Flashback (forthcoming on Mental Asylum Records), UK duo Bowdidge & Taylor would take the rest of the year off. But that assumption would be wrong, oh, so wrong.

Their latest creation, Sidewinderlands on one of the favorite imprints here on Vând Sunete, Swindon-based Monster Digital. A sidewinder (some say) is a devious and deceitful individual who can’t be trusted. This track can be quite similarly characterized, in part because the first few hints of the intro bear some resemblance to the duo’s remix of Uncommon World. That said, because of its deceitful nature, Sidewinder quickly goes on the offensive, building up, then changing course to reveal the breakdown. The tension mounts as energy levels rise once again and, upon the completion of the build-up, go through the roof thanks to the unique release that follows.

A true monster of a tune in every sense of the word,  Sidewinder is like a cigar, but without the side effects. Down below is your dose of dopamine for the day. Enjoy :

Country : UK / Style : Tech Trance / Year : 2013 / Label : Monster Digital*

*Parent label : Monster Tunes.

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