Sound Apparel – Sanctum [Pulsar 100]

Sound Apparel - Sanctum [Pulsar Recordings 100]

Sound Apparel – Sanctum [Pulsar Recordings 100]

In 2011, just days before the very first post on Vând Sunete, a label was created. On January 15th, Serbia’s Pulsar Recordings opened its doors, kicking off a chain of high quality trance releases. This month it has reached an important milestone : its 100th release.

To help them celebrate, Pulsar have roped in Russian producer Dmitry Bobrowsky. Under his Sound Apparel moniker, Dmitry has created the phenomenal Sanctum. A blend of classical instruments, vocal chops and short, very intense crescendos, this is an epic track in every sense of the word. From the cello to the piano, from the synth to the bass, all elements play a part in creating the amazing atmosphere in Sanctum.

In the age of ‘trance 2.0’ it’s refreshing to see both producers and labels that resist the temptation to join in. This fact alone has increased my respect for Pulsar and Sound Apparel tenfold.

This highly melodic, roller coaster ride of a track is my recommendation for today. Put your headphones on and turn it up. You’ll thank me later. 😀

Country : Serbia / Style : Trance / Year :2013 / Label : Pulsar Recordings

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