Sonic Element – Forever

Sonic Element - Forever

Sonic Element – Forever

After a 7 month hiatus, Sonic Element returns to Activa‘s Borderline Music to deliver yet another stunning trancer.

By the sounds of it, Forever sits somewhere between progressive and uplifting, with its powerful kicks and plenty of energy. My favourite part though, is the breakdown. A truly class act, the breakdown is very calm, with the sublime melodic accents creating a futuristic, almost sci-fi like atmosphere. The energetic release has me wondering if maybe it wouldn’t have been better to continue along the melodic lines of the breakdown.

Now, that’s not to say Forever is a bad track. Far from it. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, and there are bound to be remixes, so I would’t worry too much

Enough of me blabbering, it’s time for you to get what you came here for. Enjoy :

Country : UK / Style : Trance / Year : 2013 – Beatport / Label : Borderline Music

Listen. Like. Share & Comment. 😀


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