Adam Seller – Strike Out!

Adam Seller - Strike Out! EP

Adam Seller – Strike Out! EP

I want to preface this by saying that THE TRACK IS FREAKING AWESOME.

Today’s recommendation comes from Holland-based DJ & producer Adam Seller and is entitled Strike Out!, but despite its name, it’s far from a failure. It has what sounds (to my ears) like a fresh arrangement which, coupled with the typical energy of Fraction releases, means this is one quality EP. It reminds me a bit of Adam Szabo‘s Arcade, mainly because of that retro, sort of arcade-like sound in the topline.

The Setrise remix takes a different route, with synth stabs aplenty and an overall slightly darker tone, due in part to the more powerful kick drum. Not too shabby.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the EP starting August 5th.

Country : UK / Style : Trance / Year : 2013 / Label : Fraction Records

Listen. Like. Share & Comment. 😀

Side note : I apologize for the absence. It was due to some college related stuff. Hope I’ll be able to write more consistently from now on.


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