Nish – Sagittarius (Alphazone Remix)

Nish - Sagittarius EP

Nish – Sagittarius EP

Let’s increase the bpm a bit, shall we?

Whether or not your star sign is Sagittarius, doesn’t matter. What is important is that thanks to Japanese producer Nish we today have this brilliant underground trancer to enjoy. But you might’ve noticed that my recommendation is actually a remix of the track.

As good as the original is (and trust me, it is), it isn’t quite in the same league as the version I have selected.

Coming from legendary hard trance act Alphazone, the remix takes an already outstanding track and tweaks, transforms and refines it to produce one epic trance anthem. By far and away Alex & Arne’s best work after “The Legacy‘.

But enough with the talking, here’s the thing you’ve all been waiting for :

Country : Germany / Style : Hard Trance / Year : 2006 / Label : Harderground Records

Listen. Like. Share & Comment. 😀


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